Parent Ally Mentors

Parent ally mentors are at the heart of the Homeward House Collaborative. These remarkable individuals are real-life parents who’ve overcome challenges and undergone specialized training to support others. Collaborating closely with each family, they are skilled and accessible allies and a constant source of inspiration, reminding us all that change isn’t just a dream — it’s also an achievable reality.


Amanda’s story showcases her incredible determination. When she faced the possibility of her daughter going into foster care because of her struggles with substance use disorders, it was a wake-up call. Her journey highlights just how powerful a parent’s love can be and how much it drives us to overcome obstacles.


Her life story enriches Annette’s role as a Parent-Ally Mentor, a tale of overcoming personal battles with substance use disorders, health challenges, and the complexities of motherhood. Her 34-year struggle with addiction and her triumph over two bouts of cancer has not only tested her resilience but has also honed her ability to transform challenges into strengths.


Cheryl is a testament that self-love can truly conquer all. On her own path through crisis, treatment, and recovery, her greatest tools were ultimately a self-loving heart and a present mind. Cheryl shares her tools with parents amid their own challenges to help them achieve their own personal success.


Dana’s journey is a testament to human resilience and the transformative power of support and self-belief. Having navigated the tumultuous waters of 35 years of addiction, she has emerged with a profound commitment to service, healing, and academic excellence.


Twenty years ago, Monica was in social service systems from the inside looking out. In 2020, she returned, this time from the outside looking in. Her life has changed for the better, but unfortunately, many systems have not. Today, Monica is providing parents with the benefit of her experience, compassion, and support to help them navigate their own paths to success within existing systems.

You are not alone.

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