New! Parent Ally Mentor Interns

We proudly announce the launch of parent-ally mentor internships with Homeward House.

Paid part-time intern positions are filled by parents who have triumphed over challenges associated with substance use disorders and poverty and are stable in their recovery.

Embracing the power of lived experience

Parents who have faced and overcome challenges associated with poverty and substance use disorders possess valuable knowledge, skills, and insight that make them experts in ways that others are not. They can make a positive difference in the lives of other parents through their empathy, understanding, and support. 

Gaining part-time paid job experience

Internship positions provide valuable part-time experience, expert mentorship, and the first steps toward a meaningful career as a parent-ally mentor to parents eager to give back and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Interns work approximately 20 hours/week during their six-month engagements. 

A collaboration with Career Path Services and Worksource

The program is possible through a collaboration with Career Path Services and WorkSource, under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Housing Hope, the lead for HHC’s education and employment domain, provided support and facilitated connections. The collaboration exemplifies how relationships can lead to new possibilities that benefit all. 

What is a parent-ally mentor?

Parent-ally mentors are fathers and mothers who have experienced poverty, chemical dependency, and intervention from child protective services. Having successfully overcome those challenges, they possess valuable perspective, experience, insights, and knowledge.

Their work at Homeward House is the heart and soul of the program, providing families with emotional support, practical advice, accountability, and connections to support services through all stages of crisis, treatment, and recovery.


Who can apply to be a parent-ally mentor intern?

Internship opportunities are available to former clients of Homeward House, Parents For Parents (P4P), and other parents who have been in a crisis and treatment journey and are now stable in their recovery and have successfully resolved their CPS case.

The remaining internship positions for 2023 are limited. Please get in touch with Sarah Norman for consideration.

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